Friday, December 10, 2010

Seigel's Bagels Smoked Meat Sandwich

Print Friendly and PDF I STRUGGLED through torrential rain and horrible traffic to get into Vancouver on Wednesday night. What did I get for my troubles? Rain soaked hair and makeup, and a 40 dollar parking ticket! The event I had been sooooo looking forward to, a panel discussion at the Museum of Vancouver on Vancouver's New Food Writing was a bore. The wine was crappy, and the food was strange and scary. What saved my evening, and gave me the strength to carry on? A delicious, hot, salty, tangy, soft and slightly greasy, Montreal Smoked Meat sandwich on a poppy seed bagel! You can see from the photo that I had already devoured half, before I remembered to photograph my lovely sandwich!

Seigel's Bagels on Cornwall Street in Vancouver can cure whatever ails you! ( In my case...all of the above!) I took a dozen bagels home to freeze. 4 onion, 4 poppy, and 4 multi grain, and after eating my sandwich...which was, by the way, ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS...I headed home with the seductive smell of salty onions perfuming my car.

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