Monday, December 6, 2010

Lasagna and a dirty oven

Print Friendly and PDF I am having one of those days in the kitchen. The P-Man is arriving home from a LONG business trip,tomorrow. As I have to work tomorrow, I sprung into action and made him a delicious lasagna...but that is another blog! I turned the oven on to preheat, and when the bell rung to say it was preheated, I opened the oven door to a nasty cloud of greasy smoke. You can not imagine how unhappy that made me. I shoved the lasagna in the oven, but after a few minutes, all I could imagine was the P-Man trying to choke down his welcome home dinner of delicious, smokey, greasy, tasting lasagna! I couldn't stand it. I took it out, shut off the oven, and looked for some cleaner. I have one of those modern ,annoying self-cleaning ovens. Well, I had no time for that. After the oven was cool enough, I attacked the greasy, crusty mess on the bottom of the oven with everything I had. It finally took a butter knife, and a mixture of detergents to get it to the pristine state, as seen in the photo.

I dutifully turned on the oven again...and am glad to report...the lasagna looks, and smells like lasagna...not like 'DIRTY OVEN'!!

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